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aem-cs-source-migration-dispatcher-converter provides the capability for configuring existing on-premise or Adobe Managed Services Dispatcher configurations to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible Dispatcher configuration.


The goal of this project is to make it as simple as possible for AEM developers to migrate existing AEM Dispatcher configurations to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible dispatcher configurations.


While it is recommended to use this tool via our AIO CLI plugin for source migration (refer to aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration), it can also be executed standalone.


This project uses node and npm. Go check them out if you don't have them locally installed.

It can be installed like any other Node.js module.

$ npm install @adobe/aem-cs-source-migration-dispatcher-converter

Adding the Module Requirement

To add the module to your Node.js project:

  1. Install the module in your project.
  2. Add the require function in the module in the javascript file where it will be consumed:
const DispatcherConverter = require('@adobe/aem-cs-source-migration-dispatcher-converter');

How to execute

To execute the repository-modernizer tool locally :

  1. Run git clone git@github.com:adobe/aem-cloud-service-source-migration.git to clone the repository locally
  2. Navigate to the dispatcher-converter folder
  3. Run npm install to install all the required dependencies
  4. Inside the executors folder:
    • add the required configurations to config.yaml. Refer to Configurations sections bellow to know more.
    • run node main.js to execute the tool on customer's Adobe Managed Services (AMS) dispatcher configurations
    • run node singleFileMain.js to execute the tool on customer's on-Premise dispatcher configurations
    • target/dispatcher/src/ will contain the resulting restructured projects


The dispatcher converter configuration uses YAML to define necessary configurations. Due to the known nature of Adobe Managed Services (AMS) dispatcher configurations, the configurations required for converting them to be AEM as a Cloud Service compatible dispatcher configurations, are relatively simple. However, since there are fewer restrictions to on-premise implementations, more specific configurations are necessary.

As sample configuration is below:

Property Description
sdkSrc* The absolute path to your dispatcher sdk source code. You must include the src folder itself in the path.
onPremise/dispatcherAnySrc Path to the dispatcher.any file - required if you want to convert dispatcher configs
onPremise/httpdSrc Path to the httpd.conf file - If vhostsToConvert is not specified you can use this property to find vhosts by parsing the main apache file
onPremise/vhostsToConvert Array of paths to vhosts files you wish to convert to cloud service configurations
onPremise/variablesToReplace Array of mapped objects that replace existing variables with new variables. The original variable is first and the variable to replace is second
onPremise/appendToVhosts This can be a file that you want to append to every vhost file in case you need logic added to all configurations - this is useful to replace logic that was once stored in your main apache config file
onPremise/pathToPrepend This is required if you are converting your dispatcher configurations - this is used to help map includes in the configurations to their current location in the provided folder structure
onPremise/portsToMap Only port 80 is supported in AEM as a Cloud Service - if you were using a non standard port here and need it mapped in AEM - provide it here - all other vhosts with non default ports will be removed.
ams/cfg* The path to your configuration folder
* denotes required field
    sdkSrc: "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/dispatcher-sdk-2.0.21/src"
        dispatcherAnySrc: "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/dispatcher.any"        
        httpdSrc: "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/httpd.conf"
            - "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/mywebsite.vhost"
            - "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/myotherwebsite.vhost"
            - "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/appendedContent.conf"
            - "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/your/httpd/content"
            - 8000
            - 8080
        cfg: "/Users/{username}/some/path/to/dispatcher/folder"

Validating the output

[NOTE] For more information on Dispatcher Validator, refer to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service SDK.

  1. Run the dispatcher validator on the converted configurations, with the dispatcher sub-command:

    $ validator dispatcher
  2. If you encounter errors about missing include files, check whether you correctly renamed those files.

  3. If you see errors concerning undefined variable PUBLISH_DOCROOT, rename it to DOCROOT.

For troubleshooting other errors, refer to Troubleshooting & Local Validation of Dispatcher Configuration.


Contributions are welcomed! Refer to Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. Refer to LICENSE for more information.

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