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$ cnpm install @adactiveasia/adasia-modal 
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Carousel component


Getting started

  1. Install this component using yarn add adsum-modal-asia

  2. Setting Redux Reducers typically located on your_project_folder/src/rootReducer.js

    • import the reducer : import { ModalReducers } from '@adactive/adsum-modal-asia';
    • add ModalReducers on your root reducer, for example:
        const appState: AppStateType = {
        routing: routerReducer,
        modal: ModalReducers
  3. Setting Redux Actions in your Apps First thing to do is to import the action to file which you need the actions, for example app.js import { ModalActions } from '@adactive/adsum-modal-asia';

    There is 5 redux prop actions that this component have:

    The first action is ONLY required if a function want to open children of current modal but we need to save the poi for back button. Usually it used on children that want to call grandchildren - Action to save the poi in the structure for nested (ModalActions.setPoiStructure) This Following Two Actions is required to show modal - Action to set which modal will appear (ModalActions.setModal) - Action to open the modal (ModalActions.openModal) The Following Two Actions is required when a function is opening a child of nested modal - Action to set which modal is the parent of will be opened modal (ModalActions.setModalStructure) - Action to save the poi of current modal (ModalActions.setPoi)

    Put these to actions on the mapDispatchToProps
    For Example:

    const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch: *): MappedDispatchPropsType => ({
        openModal: (abc) => {
        setModal: (name) => {
        setModalStructure: (name) => {
        setPoi: (item) => {
        setPoiStructure: (item) => {
  4. Attach ScreenSaver Component for example:

            top: '0',
            left: '200px'
            top: '0',
            left: '200px',
        <div style={{backgroundColor: "pink", fontSize: "36px"}}>MODAL THREE</div>

### Props

**backButton** - Back Icon, if not provided, will be no back button on Modal

**modalPosition** - modal Position in object contains top, right, bottom, and left

**modalWidth** - modal width in string
**modalHeight** - modal height in string
**modalColor** - modal color in string

**overlayOpen** - overlay open or not in boolean

**overlayWidth** - overlay width in string
**overlayHeight** - overlay height in string
**overlayColor** - overlay color in string

**overlayOpacity**: overlay opacity in string, in default will be set 0.0 or transparent,

**overlayPosition**: overlay Position in object contains top, right, bottom, and left,
type OwnPropsType = {|
    backButton: string,
    modalPosition: object,
    modalWidth: string,
    modalHeight: string,
    modalColor: string,
    overlayOpen: boolean,
    overlayWidth: string,
    overlayHeight: string,
    overlayColor: string,
    overlayOpacity: string,
    overlayPosition: array,

static defaultProps = {
        backButton: null,
        modalPosition: {
            top: 0,
            right: null,
            bottom: null,
            left: 0,
        modalWidth: "100%",
        modalHeight: "100%",
        modalColor: "white",
        overlayOpen: true,
        overlayWidth: "100%",
        overlayHeight: "100%",
        overlayColor: "white",
        overlayOpacity: "0.0",
        overlayPosition: {
            top: 0,
            right: null,
            bottom: null,
            left: 0,

Copy component inside your project src folder

Less only

`npx @adactive/adsum-modal-asia copy --less-only`

Full copy

`npx @adactive/adsum-modal-asia copy`

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