CSharp 关键字


Book: Microsoft® Visual C#® 2010 Step by Step, Author: John Sharp

PUBLISHED BY Microsoft Press.


abstract  do        in        protected   true
as        double    int       public      try
base      else      interface readonly    typeof
bool      enum      internal  ref         uint
break     event     is        return      ulong
byte      explicit  lock      sbyte       unchecked
case      extern    long      sealed      unsafe
catch     false     namespace short       ushort
char      finally   new       sizeof      using
checked   fixed     null      stackalloc  virtual
class     float     object    static      void
const     for       operator  string      volatile
continue  foreach   out       struct      while
decimal   goto      override  switch
default   if        params    this
delegate  implicit  private   throw

Tip In the Visual Studio 2010 Code and Text Editor window, keywords are colored blue when you
type them.
C# also uses the following identifiers. These identifiers are not reserved by C#, which means
that you can use these names as identifiers for your own methods, variables, and classes, but
you should really avoid doing so if at all possible.

dynamic   join    set
from      let     value
get       orderby var
group     partial where
into      select  yield

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