Mac outlook 2011 archive 邮件备存



1. Click the "File" menu dropdown then click "Export


2. On the screen that appears, deselect all check boxes except mail, then click the radio button for "Items that are in the category:". Choose one of the categories you created earlier.


3. On the next screen make sure that "No, do not delete items" is selected.


4. Next we need to choose the name of the file we will be saving. Whatever you save the file as here will reflect the name of the archive once we import it back into Outlook later. I recommend using the category name. Save it in the location shown below for easy retrieval later. The Archived Mail folder probably doesn't exist, so create it if need be.


5. Click save to begin the export.

Repeat this for each batch of categorized mail. Note this might be a few minutes depending on the amount of mail being exported.


Now that the export is done, we can import the archived mail. Go back to the "File" menu and click import. Leave "Outlook Data File" selected, select "Outlook for Mac Data File", then browse for the archive file you would like to open and it will import it. In the left folder pane in mail view you'll see the "On My Computer" section. Within will be a folder labeled "Archived Mail". In that will be the name of the archive file. In here you'll notice the folder structure of the mail we've exported is retained. This keeps things as tidy as they were before you exported.