Decorators for xml serialization
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Decorators for xml serialization. Uses js2xmlparser under the hood.

Usage of decorators

import {XMLElement, XMLAttribute, XMLChild, xml} from 'xml-decorators';

const HOBBY_NS = 'h';

class Hobby {

  @XMLAttribute({namespace: HOBBY_NS})
  private name: string;

  @XMLAttribute({namespace: HOBBY_NS})
  private description: string;

const PERSON_ROOT = 'person';
const PERSON_NS = 'ps';

@XMLElement({root: PERSON_ROOT}) // optional
class Person {

  @XMLAttribute({namespace: PERSON_NS})
  private firstname: string;

  private lastname: string;

  @XMLAttribute({namespace: PERSON_NS})
  get fullname(): string {

    return this.firstname + ' ' + this.lastname;

  @XMLAttribute({namespace: PERSON_NS})
  private age: number;

    namespace: PERSON_NS,
    name: 'hobby'
  private hobbies: Hobby[];

    namespace: PERSON_NS,
    stripPluralS: true
  private friends: Person[];

    name: 'pet',
    implicitStructure: 'pets.$'
  private pets: string[];


const hobbies = [
  new Hobby('reading', 'loves to read books, magazines and web articles'),
  new Hobby('listening to Music', 'loves to listen to rock music'),
  new Hobby('travelling', 'loves to travel around the world'),
const pets = ['dog', 'cat'];
const bob = new Person('Bob', 'Mad', 29, hobbies, pets);

const bobXml = xml.serialize(bob);

Or if you want to override the root tag name or did not used the @XMLElement annotation.

const bob2Xml = xml.serialize('great-person', bob);


<?xml version='1.0'?>
<great-person ps:firstname='Bob' ps:fullname='Bob Mad' ps:age='29'>
    <ps:hobby h:name='reading' h:description='loves to read books, magazines and web articles'/>
    <ps:hobby h:name='listening to Music' h:description='loves to listen to rock music'/>
    <ps:hobby h:name='travelling' h:description='loves to travel around the world'/>


  .then(bobXml => console.log(bobXml))


If you want to retrieve the "js2xmlparser" schema instead:

xml.getSchemaAsync(bob).then(/* */);

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