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$ cnpm install xiaoliang2233angularcli 
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fork @angular/cli 1.5.0, choose some extra loader that angular/cli don't support by modify webpack config, and then transform my own project to angular-cli

this npm package's name is xiaoliang2233angularcli

custom content

  1. use html-loader to handle html files instead of raw-loader
  2. use pug instead of html to developing appliction by adding pug-html-loader, but you can still use html whatever you want
  3. add some config baseHrefDev, deployUrlTest, deployUrlProd in .angualr-cli.json, we can use those properties. used for compiled index.html .
  4. static file should tag hash filename except for ProjectRoot assets directory, but all compiled files remove to dist/assets directory.
  5. for my own project reasons, when I run ng build, all compiled css and js files will remove to dist/${my timestamp}
  6. I add a directory libs in ProjectRoot. when webpack resolve modules, it should find node_modules first, and then search in libs. so we can add some extra js in libs,for example qrcode.js, use import qrcode will work fine.


  1. I add some extra properties and descriptions in schema.json so that we can add it on .angular-cli.json. or it will get an error on IDE.


  1. when using ng new to generate new project, it still install @angular/cli. I will fix it. I find it in @schematic/angular... I may be need to fork it and modified it!

  2. some global styles and scripts should remove to dist/${my timestamp} too

  3. I need SSR..


我的英语很差啦, 我以后坚持写英语..????

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