Gulp tasks that can be run directly or as part of a watch task.
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$ cnpm install wulp 
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Wulp allows you to define Gulp tasks that can be run directly, and also via a watch task.

Registering Wulp

Wulp tasks don't do anything on their own; you must first register them with gulp via wulp.register:

// Registers all wulp tasks as gulp tasks, and creates a task called `watch`
// that watches for changes.
wulp.register(gulp, 'watch');

Defining a Task

var eslint = require('gulp-eslint');
var gulp = require('gulp');
var wulp = require('wulp');

// A wulp task is defined similarly to regular gulp tasks, except it is _given_
// the files it should execute over.
// When being run directly, this is whatever files match the glob.  When being
// run via the watch task, it is whatever matching files have changed.
wulp.task('test:style', ['{src,test}/**/*.js'], (srcs) => {
  return srcs

Advanced Options

Wulp tasks support additional configuration via a third argument:

wulp.task('test:style', ['{src,test}/**/*.js'], {runAll: ['.eslintrc*']}, (srcs) => {

The supported options are:

runAll: Accepts an array of glob expressions. When a file matching that expression changes, the task will be run with all files matching the primary glob. Great for re-running all tests after changing test configuration, for example.


This project is covered under the Apache License, version 2.0.

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