Tools for working with Yarn workspaces
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$ cnpm install wstools 
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wstools is a suite of command-line utilities for working with Yarn workspaces.

Available commands

So far, wstools contains two (usable) commands: wsrun and wsviz.


wsrun is an utility that runs a given package.json script in each workspace in parallel. It builds a dependency graph from the workspace and ensures a workspace is built only after its dependencies. The current state of the tool does not allow customizing the amount of parallel tasks but rather is fixed to n - 1 where n is the amount of the cores available in the machine.


  $ wstools SCRIPT

  SCRIPT  The package.json script to run in each workspace

  -u, --unordered  Execute workspaces in parallel without generating a dependency graph
  --help           show CLI help


wzviz generates DOT markup for the current workspace's execution graph. In other words, it shows a visualization of the partial ordering in which wsrun would run tasks. The output of this tool is intended to be piped to other commands, for example graphviz.



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