A simple script which makes it easier to publish npm packages from yarn workspace based projects via Travis.
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$ cnpm install workspace-release 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

workspace-release ????

A simple script which makes it easier to publish npm packages from yarn workspace based projects via Travis.

Disclaimer: Don't expect this package to be full featured and super well maintained. At least for now it was mainly a proof-of-concept for myself.

You'd probably want to install this package as a dev depenendency in your workspace root:

$ yarn add -D workspace-release -W

This package comes with two scripts:

  • workspace-version: You call this one locally in your project to set new versions for your packages. Just run $ yarn workspace-version.
  • workspace-publish: This script will be called by Travis on tag. In simple cases you can just add if [ -n "$TRAVIS_TAG" ]; then node node_modules/.bin/workspace-publish; fi in the scripts section of your .travis.yml for this (see this example). If you have a matrix build (e.g. because you test your package against multiple Node versions) you probably want to create a deploy stage, so that the package will only be deployed, if all tests were successful (see this example). If you need to build you project before publishing make sure to either do it manually before calling workspace-publish or do it in your preversion lifecycle for example.

I expect a global environment variable called NPM_TOKEN being available for publishing. You can either add this in the repo configs inside the Travis GUI or you can store it in a secure way with the Travis terminal client (either by following these instructions or by running $ brew install travis on a Mac). Now run $ travis encrypt NPM_TOKEN={YOUR-TOKEN} --add where {YOUR-TOKEN} is this authToken you see in in your .npmrc after you logged into npm at least once. (I also assume that you already created a .travis.yml.) The Travis GUI is my prefered way, so I can update the token without creating new commits. Using the .travis.yml is needed, if you want to use different tokens in different branches.

To change the registry, tag or access use publishConfig in your package.json. If tag is not set, if will be automatically set to 'next' for prereleases (versions containing a '-') and to 'latest' for everything else.

You can look into a basic example here and a more complex example here.

Lifecycle events for $ npm version and $ npm publish are run as usual - but only on Travis' side and not locally.

(Note: This project itself is currently released without workspace-release. It uses plain old $ npm version patch && git push && npm publish.)

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