Transpiles your React component and serves it on localhost
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$ cnpm install woah 
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Woah, dude

You can serve your React component with one command: woah.

$ touch index.js
$ echo "import React from 'react'; export default <div>Hello world</div>" > index.js
$ woah

Useful, when you are too lazy to setup another build pipeline, but do not need tons of boilerplate code from another starter-kit or create-app.


yarn global add woah
# or
npm i -g woah


woah [<filename>] [--port <port>]

By default it serves index.js from current directory.

Your file

To render React component, export it by default:

import React from 'react'; // it's alias to package's react 16
export default class MyFancyComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    <div>Woah, dude!</div>;
import React from 'react'; // it's alias to package's react 16
export default function() {
  return <div>Woah, dude!</div>;

But you can also render React without exporting anything:

import React from 'react'; // 'react' is provided
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; // but you should install 'react-dom' by yourself

ReactDOM.render(<div>Woah, dude!</div>, document.querySelector('#root'));

See examples


No configuration. You do not need it.


  1. Rebuild on changes
  2. ???

See issues list.

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