Visualize evolution of your MediaWiki based site
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$ cnpm install wiki-evolution 
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Visualize evolution of your MediaWiki based site


  • MediaWiki-based wiki
  • gource for visualizing the history (will create a set of images)
  • avconv to convert a set of images to a video file
  • xvfb to run gource in a virtual X server environment
  • nodejs with npm installed


sudo apt-get install gource libav-tools xvfb

should be enough on Debian-powered machines

How to install and run it?

npm install -g wiki-evolution

and then run wiki-evolution <wiki domain>, for instance:


This will install wiki-evolution npm module globally and render the visualization for and Faroese Wikipedia.


Port of WikiEvolution extension developed during Wikia 2012 internship programme by @drzejzi. It's meant to be run standalone (i.e. outside MediaWiki stack) and generate wonderful videos of how your site evolved from its very beginning.


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