A logger for the Webpack ecosystem
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$ cnpm install webpack-log 
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A logger for the Webpack ecosystem.

Please consider donating if you find this project useful.


This module requires an LTS Node version (v8.0.0+).


Using npm:

npm install webpack-log --save-dev


Create a new logger and use it to log something wild:

const getLogger = require('webpack-log');
const log = getLogger({ name: 'webpack-batman' });

log.info('Jingle Bells, Batman Smells');
log.warn('Robin laid an egg');
log.error('The Batmobile lost a wheel');
log.debug('And the Joker got away');

And there will appear magic in your console:

console magic



Type: String
Default: info

Specifies the level the logger should use. A logger will not produce output for any log level beneath the specified level. Valid level names, and their order are:


For example, If a level was passed as { level: 'warn'} then only calls to warn and error will be displayed in the terminal.


Type: String
Default: <webpack-log>

Specifies the name of the logger to create. This value will be part of the log output prefix.


Type: Boolean
Default: false

If true, the logger will display a timestamp for log output, preceding all other data


Type: Boolean
Default: true

If false, the logger will use cached versions of a log with the same name. Due to the nature of the webpack ecosystem and multiple plugin/loader use in the same process, loggers are created as unique instances by default.



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