Cheat AngularCompilerPlugin to work around https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/issues/4565
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$ cnpm install webpack-dll-ng-module-loader 
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A workaround on the issue that @ngtools/webpack fail to build lazy modules when @angular/core is bundled into a webpack dll.

If you are not bundling @angular/core to webpack dll, you probably never need this plugin.


yarn add webpack-dll-ng-module-loader


1. Use WebpackDllNgModuleLoader on your application

Import WebpackDllNgModuleLoader in the root module app.module.ts:

import { WebpackDllNgModuleLoader } from "webpack-dll-ng-module-loader";

Then provide the NgModuleFactoryLoader using WebpackDllNgModuleLoader

{ provide: NgModuleFactoryLoader, useClass: WebpackDllNgModuleLoader }

2. Webpack Configuration

If you are hand crafting the webpack configuration of the whole Angular Project, please refer to 2.1 for how to get it works.

If you are using @angular/cli, it is recommended to install ngx-build-plus and skip the 2.1 section and see ngx-build-plus integration guide for a step-by-step integration guide to ngx-build-plus.

2.1 Use CheatAngularCompilerResourcePlugin on your webpack configuration

This section is for those who have ejected Angular CLI configuration or built the webpack configuration from the ground. Import CheatAngularCompilerResourcePlugin in the webpack configuration webpack.config.js.

const {
} = require("webpack-dll-ng-module-loader/plugin");

Then add CheatAngularCompilerResourcePlugin before the AngularCompilerPlugin on your webpack configuration. Here the order matters since the plugin cheats AngularCompilerPlugin to process async resources issued by webpack-dll-ng-module-loader.

plugins: [
  new CheatAngularCompilerResourcePlugin(),
  new AngularCompilerPlugin({
    /* compiler options */


The integration/example folder is a demo of using webpack-dll-ng-module-loader in an angular application with @angular/* dependencies bundled in a dll vendors. While the plugin tests against this application, the configuration is overly simplified to demonstrate the plugin usage only and thus is far from optimized.

You can run the following command to serve the built application

npm test && cd integration/example && python3 -m http.server 8611

Then visit http://localhost:8611 to see the demo.


  • Do not add webpack-dll-ng-module-loader to your dll entries, otherwise it will fail with the same reason of this issue.

  • This plugin relies on the internals of @ngtools/webpack and @angular/core, though it works well with Angular 6.0 but in the future it might fail within the minor/patch version of angular without any notice. Use at your own risk.

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