Parses whatsapp backup txt file to json or csv formats
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$ cnpm install wazza 
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Wazza is a utility to parse one or multiple whatsapp backup files into csv or json file formats. only tested for group backups


  • √ group chat exports
  • ? one to one chat exports
  • √ csv and json file formats
  • √ individual .txt files
  • √ directories of .txt (files are combined into one csv or json export)

How to export Whatsapp group conversations.

  • From the Whatsapp mobile app, open a group
  • Tap on the group name.
  • Scroll down and tap on Export file.

Using Wazza command line tool.

install wazza command line tool globally

npm i -g wazza

Then you can run wazza command, for example

cd ~/Downloads
wazza _chat.txt > export.csv

If you have a folder with multiple exports from different channels,
but you want to combine them into one single csv or json file, you can
pass a folder as an argument instead of a file.
Just make sure all files have .txt extension.
Example, given you have a folder called exports/ than contains one or more .txt files.

wazza exports/ > export.csv


wazza -f json exports/ > export.json

and the export file will contain the combination of all exported .txt files.


  • format: -f option indicates the format which can be csv or json
  • date: -d option indicates the date-time format, here are some examples:
    • "MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a" converts to "July 5th 2019, 4:19:57 am"
    • "dddd" converts to "Friday"
    • "MMM Do YY" converts to "Jul 5th 19"
    • "YYYY [escaped] YYYY" converts to "2019 escaped 2019"

Internally wazza uses momentjs to format dates, for complete list of formats see https://momentjs.com format() function.

Example, exporting to csv:

wazza -f csv _chat.txt > export.csv

where _chat.txt is the file or path to the backup file.

Example exporting to json:

wazza -f json _chat.txt > export.json

Example exporting date/time with format like "Jul 5th 19"

wazza -f csv -d "MMM Do YY"_chat.txt > export.json

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