Just want to wait everything in every way
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$ cnpm install waitcha 
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Just want to wait everything in every way

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$ npm install -g waitcha
$ waitcha COMMAND
running command...
$ waitcha (-v|--version|version)
waitcha/0.1.7 darwin-x64 node-v12.16.2
$ waitcha --help [COMMAND]
  $ waitcha COMMAND


waitcha cmd COMMAND

wait for a command to fulfill

  $ waitcha cmd COMMAND

  COMMAND  Command to wait (retry to run)

  -h, --help                 show CLI help
  -i, --interval=interval    [default: 1000] Retry interval in milliseconds
  -r, --max_retry=max_retry  [default: 12] Max retry limit
  --forever                  Wait forever (without max_retry limit)
  --mute                     Whether to print wait information
  --stdio                    Whether to print std output or accept input

See code: src/commands/cmd.ts

waitcha help [COMMAND]

display help for waitcha

  $ waitcha help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

waitcha http URL

wait for a http request to fulfill

  $ waitcha http URL

  -h, --help                           show CLI help
  -i, --interval=interval              [default: 1000] Retry interval in milliseconds
  -m, --method=method                  [default: get] Request method: get|post|option...
  -r, --max_retry=max_retry            [default: 12] Max retry limit

  --debug_text_range=debug_text_range  [default: 0:120] Body text length you want to print whenever retry fails:
                                       --debug_text_range 0:120

  --forever                            Wait forever (without max_retry limit)

  --header_exist=header_exist          Check headers exist: content-type

  --header_is=header_is                Header comparison: content-type:text/html

  --header_match=header_match          Match header field with regular express: "content-length:d+"

  --json_exist=json_exist              Check json fields exist: "a.b.c"|"a[1][2]"

  --json_is=json_is                    Compare json using json path: "a.b.c:1"|"a[1].c:2"

  --json_match=json_match              Match json field value with regular express (this option only applies to string
                                       and number values): "a.b.name:Bob.+"|"a[1].c:d+"

  --mute                               Whether to print wait information

  --text_exist                         Check text body exists

  --text_is=text_is                    Compare body text using `===`: "Hello world!"

  --text_match=text_match              Match body text with regular express: ".+google.+"

See code: src/commands/http.ts

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