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A dead-simple Jazzicon component for Vue.

Say goodbye to boring blocky identicons that look like they came out of the 70s, and replace them with jazzy, colorful collages that more likely came out of the 80's




Installing with npm is recommended and it works seamlessly with webpack.

npm install vue-jazzicon // yarn add vue-jazzicon

Quick start


To use in your project, just import jazzicon and install into Vue.


import Vue from 'vue';
import Jazzicon from 'vue-jazzicon';

Vue.component('jazzicon', Jazzicon); // or Vue.component(, Jazzicon);


    <jazzicon address="0xccf7f134cd45865a5afd5a3a92b969228ce9a3e6" :diameter="100" />

On demand

    <jazzicon :seed="10211" :diameter="100" />

  import Jazzicon from 'vue-jazzicon'

  export default {
    components: {
      []: Jazzicon


Name Description Type Default Accepted values
seed Seed for the icon Number Random Number Only positive integer
address Address for the icon String - Hex string
diameter Diameter of icon Number 100 Positive integer
shape-count Number of shapes Number 4 Positive integer
colors Colors for icon Array See Below Array of Hex color code

Default Colors

    '#01888C', // teal
    '#FC7500', // bright orange
    '#034F5D', // dark teal
    '#F73F01', // orangered
    '#FC1960', // magenta
    '#C7144C', // raspberry
    '#F3C100', // goldenrod
    '#1598F2', // lightning blue
    '#2465E1', // sail blue
    '#F19E02' // gold


MIT license.

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