Vue Cli plugin for adding Netlify Lambda
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$ cnpm install vue-cli-plugin-netlify-lambda 
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netlify-lambda plugin for vue-cli

Sets up netlify-lambda for vue-cli projects to build and serve AWS lambda functions.

Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add netlify-lambda


This ads a netlify.toml and a src/lambda folder with an example hello.js lambda function.

Any js file added in src/lambda will be built as a lambda. It will be compiled with webpack and babel and any imports will be bundled (no native dependencies, though).

When deployed to Netlify, the AWS lambda's are reachable under /.netlify/functions/:name - ie, the hello.js Lambda will be available under /.netlify/functions/hello.

The plugin also sets up a proxy and runs the Lambdas locally, to simplify local development.

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