This is a project by VirtualProdigy that creates an alphabetical scrolling list for use in ionic project
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This is an open-source project to provide an easy to use Alphabet Scrolling List. A great use-case for this is a contact list. This library is in it's early stages, so please bare with me. If you see any issues please leave them on the Github Repo's list list. Feel free to create Pull-Request if you know of a useful improve. https://github.com/virtualprodigy/Alphabet-Scrolling-List

#Intro Thank you for using this small library I created. It's purpose is to provide an easy and resusble alphabetical scrolling list.

#Setup Install the library from npm https://npmjs.com/package/vp-alphabetical-scroller npm install vp-alphabetical-scroller

####Module Setup In your module import the following import {AlphaScrollModule, AlphaScrollComponent} from 'vp-alphabetical-scroller/vp-alphabetical-scroller';

Add to the imports AlphaScrollModule

Add to entryComponents AlphaScrollComponent

####Component Setup In your component add import {AlphaScrollInit, AlphaScrollItem} from 'vp-alphabetical-scroller/vp-alphabetical-scroller';

Create an AlphaScrollInit object. Pass the cnstructor a list of AlphaScrollItem []; this.init = new AlphaScrollInit(this.list);

In your Html Pass the directive your init object and optional register to the onClick event emitter. The onClick event returns a AlphaScrollItem <vp-alpha-scroll [init]="init" (onClick)="sampleClick($event)" ></vp-alpha-scroll>

#Usage AlphaScrollInit: use this to configure how to you want the scroll list to behavoir. Below are the constructor params scrollList: AlphaScrollItem []; searchBarColor: string; (optional) name of a color in your variable scss $colors(), by default its primary casing: CasingEnums; (optional) CasingEnums = upper, lower,capFirst sortByFirstName: boolean; (optional) delimiter: string; (optional) displayContactPhoto: boolean; (optional)

AlphaScrollItem: Used to define list of objects sent to the directive title?: string; (i.e. Mr. or Mrs.) firstName: string; lastName: string; object?: any; (Optional param if you want the item to hold onto some data to passed back onClick) photoUri?: string; (optional string url for list photo) hide?:boolean; (private property to handle the items display)

#Issues Feel free to ost issues on the GitHub Page

#Pull Request For a pull request, fork the latest code and create your change. Then submit a pull request to the GitHub account. Upon review, your change maybe pulled in. ##All Pull Requests must go to the development branch

#License Apache License Version 2.0, Copyright [2017] [VirtualProdigy]

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