Utility to read the contents of a vinyl file.
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Utility to read the contents of a vinyl file.


  WARNING: This is a very naive plugin implementation
  It is only meant for demonstation purposes.
  For a more complete implementation, see:
var through = require('through2');
var pug = require('pug');
var vinylContents = require('vinyl-contents');

function gulpPug(options) {
  return through.obj(function(file, _enc, cb) {
    vinylContents(file, function(err, contents) {
      if (err) {
        return cb(err);

      if (!contents) {
        return cb();

      file.contents = pug.compile(contents.toString(), options)();
      cb(null, file);


vinylContents(file, callback)

Warning: Only use this if interacting with a library that can only receive strings or buffers. This loads all streaming contents into memory which can cause unexpected results for your end-users.

Takes a Vinyl file and an error-first callback. Calls the callback with an error if one occur (or if the first argument is not a Vinyl file), or the file contents if no error occurs.

If the Vinyl contents are:

  • A Buffer, will be returned directly.
  • A Stream, will be buffered into a BufferList and returned.
  • Empty, will be undefined.



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