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$ cnpm install vhug-tasks 
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What is this script doing?

In charge of running the dev / build / release / deploy / newpattern toolchain for groundzero projects by providing a simple CLI.

*** This package is a dependencie of VHUG BASE, will not work as a standalone ***


npm install vhug-tasks --save-dev
  1. get all coomand options by running from the terminal:
    groundzero help
  • for convinence, groundzero projects should also come with mapped npm commands to the CLI.

  • if you need to overwrite some config files in your project, copy-paste the config you need from the "config-templates" folder to your project root folder and edit as you wish.


For development of the taskrunner, you would want to:

  1. clone the repo and install it.
  2. clone the latest groundzero-pattern repo, install it and run within-it:
npm link path/to/taskrunner
  1. this would map the taskrunner repo to run as a native node_modules package in the groundzero-pattern, giving you the ability to develope without the need to rebuild and quickly run the tasks against a sample groundzero project

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