Stateful wrapper around vdux-ui's presentational Dropdown component
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$ cnpm install vdux-dropdown 
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Stateful wrapper around vdux-ui's presentational Dropdown and DropdownMenu components.


$ npm install vdux-dropdown


Use this to show menus when a button is clicked:

import Dropdown from 'vdux-dropdown'
import {Icon} from 'vdux-ui'

function OptionsMenu () {
  return (
    <Dropdown btn={<Icon name='settings' />}>
      <li onClick={changeUsername}>Change username</li>
      <li onClick={changePassword}>Change password</li>

API - props

  • btn - Function|VNode - The button that opens the dropdown. If it's a vnode, it will open on click. If it's a function, it will receive {toggle, close} and should return a vnode (and click handling must be setup manually if you want it).
  • right - Anchor the dropdown to the right side of its container
  • top - Align it with the top edge of the container
  • ref - If you need to access the API of the dropdown, you can specify this ref property as a function, and it will provide you with an object containing {toggle, close} functions so that you can call into the dropdown from outside if you need.



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