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$ cnpm install uploadr 
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A command-line tool which copies a folder's contents to a server via SFTP. Inspired by surge.sh.


  • Progress bar shows bytes transferred while uploading
  • Pattern matching to isolate/ignore files while uploading
  • Prompts for username/password if necessary
  • Can persist credentials to a git-ignored .env file
  • Provides clear logging and handles common user errors
Note: This tool is experimental and mostly used internally.



It's recommended you install and use this tool as a local dependency:

npm i uploadr --save-dev

Now, you can add a script to your npm scripts in package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "deploy": "uploadr --host foo.com --source app/ --dest /home/public_html/"

You can run the script with the following:

npm run deploy

This will prompt for SFTP credentials, then recursively copy the contents of your local app/ folder into the remote /home/public_html/ folder.

Credentials with .env file

You can avoid entering your username/password each time by adding a .env file to your working directory.

It should be JSON, optionally with comments.

  "username": "beep",
  "password": "boop"

:bulb: Don't forget to gitignore this file!

CLI Usage

Full details:

uploadr [opts]

  --src, -s        local source folder (default cwd)
  --dest, -d       destination folder on remote server
  --host, -h       host for login
  --username, -u   username for login (default 'anonymous')
  --password, -p   password for login (default empty string)
  --port, -p       port to connect (default 22)
  --ignore, -i     pattern(s) to ignore in the upload queue
  --only, -o       pattern(s) to isolate and only upload for this run
  --save, -S       writes an .env file to cwd and gitignore if necessary
  --no-prompt      do not prompt – only read auth data from .env file

Persistence with --save

You can use the --save option if you want to persist the username/password after prompt. It will write a new .env file in your working directory, and add it to a .gitignore file in the same directory.

uploadr --save --host foo.com --source app/ --dest /home/public_html/

This is handy for streamlining the development experience on small teams.

Ignoring Files

By default, we ignore the same patterns as surge-ignore.

You can ignore more files with the --ignore flag and with a .ftpignore file. This expects the same pattern matching as a typical .gitignore file. Example:

uploadr --ignore *.mp4 -h foo.com -s app/ -d /home/public_html

Here is an example .ftpignore file which un-ignores (allows) something in node_modules/.


Uploading Specific Files

You can use the --only flag if you just want to upload specific file globs.

The following is an example of a deploy-js script, which only uploads JavaScript files:

  "scripts": {
    "deploy": "uploadr -h foo.com -s app -d /home/public_html/",
    "deploy-js": "npm run deploy -- --only *.js"


There are no real plans for the future of this tool. However, the following may be explored at some point:

  • programmatic API and more modularization
  • Optional rsync for faster/incremental uploads (for unix systems)
  • regular FTP support
  • improved Windows support
  • integration with tools like 1password or LastPass


MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.

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