Super-simple unzip-to-memory API with file globbing
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$ cnpm install unzip-simple 
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A super-simple unzip API that simplifies file extraction...

import unzip from 'unzip-simple';
const [file] = await unzip('single-file-example.zip');

Filter files by applying a file globbing pattern...

const files = await unzip({input: 'multi-file-example.zip', filter: '*.txt'});

Usage Examples

Extract all files from a ZIP archive on disc...

import unzip from 'unzip-simple';
const files = await unzip('example.zip');
for (const file of files)
    console.log(file.name, file.buffer.toString());

Extract all files from a downloaded ZIP archive...

import unzip from 'unzip-simple';
import fetch from 'node-fetch';
const response = await fetch('https://github.com/davetemplin/unzip-simple/raw/master/test/example1.zip');
const buffer = await response.buffer();
const files = await unzip(buffer);

Obtain a directory listing from a ZIP archive without performing any file extraction...

import unzip from 'unzip-simple';
const files = await unzip({input: 'example.zip', extract: false});
for (const file of files)
    console.log(file.name, file.compressed, file.uncompressed);
foo.txt 208 330
bar.txt 148 213

Extract a specific file...

const files = await unzip({input: 'example.zip', filter: 'foo/bar.txt'});

Extract only text files...

const files = await unzip({input: 'example.zip', filter: '*.txt'});

Extract all files except images...

const files = await unzip({input: 'example.zip', filter: '!*.jpg'});


The API for this library is defined by a single function that accepts a set of options and returns an array of files in the ZIP archive. Alternatively, just the path or buffer of the ZIP archive can be passed as the input.


unzip(options: UnzipOptions|string|Buffer|number): Promise<UnzipFile[]>


The options specify the input ZIP archive file, an optional filter to target specific files, and a flag that determines whether to extract files.

option type description
input string|Buffer|number Specifies the input ZIP archive file. Can be a path to a file, an in-memory buffer, or a file-descriptor.
extract boolean Determines whether files are to be extracted from the ZIP archive. Use true to extract files or false to obtain a directory listing of the ZIP archive. (default=true)
filter string Filters files from the ZIP archive. Any valid file globbing pattern can be used. If not specified, all files are included by default.


The API returns an array of files, where each file contains the name and content for each extracted file along with the compressed and uncompressed file size.

attribute type description
name string File-name of the file within the ZIP archive.
buffer Buffer A buffer containing the data extracted from the file in the ZIP archive. Use buffer.toString() to convert to text.
compressed number Compressed size of the file (in bytes).
uncompressed number Uncompressed size of the file (in bytes).

This API is intended for handling light-weight data extraction that can be easily held in-memory. If dealing with very large archives is a requirement, a lower level streaming interface like the one provided in yauzl should be used instead.

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