Unzip chrome extension files
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$ cnpm install unzip-crx 
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Unzip chrome extension files

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If you want to unzip Chrome extension files (*.crx) you might have the problem that your unzip lib claims that the file header is malformed. This is due to that Chrome adds some extra information for identifying crx files. unzip-crx handles those additional headers and unzips as usual.

This lib is highly inspired by crx2ff from abarreir, thanks!


$ npm install unzip-crx


const unzip = require("unzip-crx");

const crxFile = "./this-chrome-extension.crx";

unzip(crxFile).then(() => {
  console.log("Successfully unzipped your crx file..");


unzip(file[, destination])

Resolves with a Promise if the file was unzipped successfully, throws otherwise (use .catch()).


From opening a bug report to creating a pull request: every contribution is appreciated and welcome. If you're planing to implement a new feature or change the api please create an issue first. This way we can ensure that your precious work is not in vain.

All pull requests should have 100% test coverage (with notable exceptions) and need to pass all tests.

  • Call npm test to run the unit tests
  • Call npm run coverage to check the test coverage (using istanbuljs/nyc)



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