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$ cnpm install unused-bundle-deps 
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For a given browserify bundle, lists all the dependencies in your package.json which do not appear in that bundle. In large codebases this can be useful to find dependencies that are no longer relevant in production (i.e. for your legal teams).

Note: This works on dependencies through the entire bundle; for top-level dependencies you can use dependency-check.

npm install -g unused-bundle-deps

#use it like so
browserify index.js | unused-bundle-deps -p

Example output with -p (pretty) flag:

dependencies [5]
├── abs-svg-path
├── adaptive-bezier-curve
├── normalize-svg-path
├── svg-path-contours
└── vec2-copy




unused(src, [opt], [cb])

Finds unused dependencies in src (browser-pack bundle) by looking through your "dependencies" of the closest package.json file. Options can be:

  • cwd the dir to search for pakage.json, defualt process.cwd()
  • filter a filter function for closest-package

Callback is called with (err, unusedDeps) where unusedDeps is an array of names like [ "xtend", "lodash" ]. If there was an error reading the source bundle, finding the closest package, or reading it, err will be non-null.


  unused-bundle-deps [opts] < bundle.js

  --pretty, -p   pretty-print the results
  --cwd          current dir to search for package.json

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MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.

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