Convert unity docs to pdf.
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$ cnpm install unity-pdf-docs 
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Convert unity docs to pdf.

Just Download

You can just download the latest generated docs from this repository:


npm install -g unity-pdf-docs


First download the unity documentation from this link and unzip it.

Then run the below:

unity-pdf-docs <unity-docs-root>

Where <unity-docs-root> is the location where the downloaded docs where stored, i.e.


NOTE: make sure to include the language sub folder, i.e. /en

Combining into one PDF

The resulting pdfs will be stored inside a pdf folder inside the provided Unity Manual folder. They are numbered in order and can easily be merged into one file by opening the first one and dragging the remaining files into the thumbnail section of the Preview.app sidebar for instance.

Updating the Doc File Names

The filenames where obtained by running the below script from dev tools on the unity docs site. The names were then pasted into pages.json from the clipboard.

var anchors = document.querySelectorAll('.mCSB_container a')
var hrefs = new Set()
var originLen = location.origin.length
for (var anchor of anchors) {
  hrefs.add(anchor.href.slice(originLen + 1))



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