Cross-platform unicode icon toolkit
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$ cnpm install unicons 
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Cross-platform unicode icon toolkit

Provides fast access to the most commonly used unicode icons.

var unicons = require("unicons");

console.log(unicons.check); // ✓
console.log(unicons.cross); // ✖


npm i unicons --save

CLI mode

unicons has especially been designed for use in CLIs. If you want to support different OS, just call .cli(iconName) and you'll get the most suitable character for the given environment:

unicons.cli("circle"); // ● on Unix
                       // o on Windows

Icon table

Property Default Windows Console Fallback
circle o
cross ×
copyright © c
option <
warning !

The icon table is still very small :(
If you can't find your icon in the icon table, don't hesitate to create a pull request.


Why not copy-paste the characters?

If you're feeling lucky, go ahead ;). Copying characters is error prone and might also include unwanted invisible characters. Furthermore, the copied character might be displayed on your computer, but not on someone elses. We think it's better to refer to a name, like arrowLeft, in this case.

Will the returned string always have a length of 1?

Nope, depending on the character range. Besides that, we might also use two characters on oldschool consoles to represent the icon.


You can refer to the Unicode Character table site for integrating more characters: http://unicode-table.com/en and http://jrgraphix.net/r/Unicode/.

In order to find Windows characters, please refer to the Codepage 437 Reference. Most of these will work, however, there is no guarantee :(

Before sending the pull request, please run npm test on a Unix and a Windows machine (using cmd.exe).



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