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$ cnpm install ungic -g
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Note: The project is still in the alpha stage. Ungic packer works for nodejs 12+

About ungic packer

Ungic layout's packer is a development environment for preparing web resources such as styles (css), icons and html documents. Ungic packer is based on its own modular Dart Sass framework.

The purpose of ungic packer is to facilitate the preparation of materials to front-end, but rather, helps to solve the following tasks:

Ungic and Webpack!

Ungic packer is very suitable for working with webpack or rather, it closes the part that is not quite suitable for the webpack.

I believe that the webpack is good to use for working with JS but for working with styles (css), html and icons still better to use the ungic packer, since it was created just for this, it allows you to start working after entering only one ungic run command, and you get:

  • Live server and you don't need webpack-dev-server! Just add watch: true option to your webpack configuration and configure output files to dist directory of the ungic packer. Live server of ungic can determine when to reload the page, and when to update files without reloading.
  • A complete style environment: SASS preprocessor, postcss postprocessor, postcss plugins as autoprefixer, rtl-css, clean-css and ungic sass framework features (Project concept, modularity, components, color inversion, themes and more).
  • Automatic processing of svg files and conversion to web icons (sprites or fonts)
  • Automatic image processing and conversion to sprites (Auto resizing and cropping functions)
  • Full integration between icons and sass (There are modules that you can include to sass components)
  • Almost any job with html and with template engines (It is possible to work with temporary data such as JSON or YAML)
  • Full integration with sass framework, inclusion of components to the page, receiving data from sass directly to template engines
  • Release and Package Management (You can to pack different sass components with different themes, you can to pack only specific icons and more.)
  • And many other features, see here

Webpack it's a wonderful thing but ungic complements it. You can use them together!

Basic tasks

  • To prepare a structure for the future web template
  • To provide a local server for working with project files
  • To provide live server
  • To provide the necessary tools for web coder

HTML preparation (Features)

  • To provide the ability to partition pages to (templates, html parts, markdown and text files) for multiple inclusion in your project.
  • To provide full-fledged work with popular template engines such as: Handlebars, Mustache, Underscore, Pug
  • To provide work with dynamic data for templates (JSON, YAML, QueryString, SCSS options - the possibility of a sass ungic framework)
  • To provide tools for debugging
  • To provide helpers to quickly render icons and include static project files
  • To provide html5 validation
  • To provide AMP page validation
  • To provide functionality of release implementation
  • To provide html minification and optimization
  • (New) to provide optimization internal scripts (Merging, processing with babeljs, compressing)
  • (New) to provide optimization internal styles (Merging, processing with postcss and cleancss, compressing)
  • (New) to provide including local external css (link[rel="stylesheet"]) to internal styles (style tag) with replacing url relative to host or relative path.
  • (New) to provide including local js files to internal scripts.
  • (New) to provide full release relative to html document (A release will be compiled only with those icons and styles that were used in a particular document).
  • (New) Internal sass styles in style tags with sass/scss attr.
  • (New) Integration with sass components (Now the rules for the sass components can be written directly in html!)

Web icons preparation (Features)

  • To provide optimization SVG files
  • To provide functionality for packaging icons into web fonts
  • To provide functionality for packaging SVG icons into SVG sprites
  • To provide functionality to image processing and sprite generation
  • To provide functionality to import and export icons
  • To provide release implementation functionality

CSS preparation / SASS framework (Features)

To work with css, i developed a sophisticated framework that allows you to write components quickly and use them in your projects, each component can interact with another component using its functionality, in addition to components, there are other features, the features of the framework will be listed below

  • Based on Dart Sass
  • Modularity concept and component implementation
  • Styling a project and inheriting components of project styles
  • Functionality for color inversion and automatic theme inversion
  • Implementing themes and supporting multiple themes
  • Full RTL support
  • Postcss handling (Autoprefix, cleancss, rtl-css, ungic plugins to export themes)
  • Export scss options to JSON and directly to html plugin for template generation
  • Integration with an icon plugin (There are two virtual components sprites and font-icons which can be included in sass components)
  • Release implementation
  • (New) now, with the build of the release, it is possible to take out not only additional themes in separate files, but also inversions styles for them!

Get started

  • First, install the global library using npm npm install ungic -g
  • Create an empty directory, go to the directory itself and perform the initial installation with ungic init command
  • To get started you should run the development environment with ungic run command

Commands list:

Global commands

  • ungic --help - It will returns the project version
  • ungic --version - It will returns the packer version
  • ungic --log, -l - Enable or disable logging to the console
  • ungic --mode, -m - Providing the mode configuration. Manipulates NODE_ENV environment variable. [default: "development"]

Commands after running a project

  • --help - It will returns the help about the active menu
  • exit - Action back or exit
  • html - Switch to html plugin menu
    • valid <path> - Check page from the dist directory using validator.w3.org
    • amp_valid <path> - Check page from the dist directory using amp-validator
    • create <name> - Create New Page
    • release - Create release
    • pages - Show pages
    • unwatch - Skip file changes for this plugin
    • watch - To watch file changes for this plugin
    • remove <name> - Remove page
  • icons - Switch to icons plugin menu
    • export - Export svg icons to json file
    • import - Import svg icons from exported file
    • release - Create release
    • unwatch
    • watch
  • sass - Switch to sass plugin menu
    • create <cid> - Create sass component
    • release [name] - Assemble components in a release
    • components - Show list of existing components
    • remove <name> - Remove component
    • unwatch
    • watch
  • other - Switch to other menu
    • install_demo - Install demo content
    • create_config - Generate a configuration file if the project was initialized

Documentation and other links

For more information you can visit the project website

Project website: packer.ungic.com

Source code in a bitbucket

NPM - npm install ungic -g

If you have questions or want to help me, contact me! Thks!

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