A tiny library for making falcor data (JSON Graph) more readable for debugging
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$ cnpm install unfalcor 
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Silly debug utility that takes some of the fluff out of JSON Graph

This should not be used for any production code

This only works with node leaf types of "atom"


For now...

npm install -g https://github.com/kyle-long/unfalcor


unfalcor file.json
# or
cat file.json | unfalcor

You can also use it as a library.

const unfalcor = require('unfalcor');

fs.readFile(fileName, (err, content) => {
    const obj = JSON.parse(content);
    const processedObject = unfalcor(obj);
    // Log the result and make it pretty.
    console.log(JSON.stringify(processedObject, null, 4));


JSON Graph is great. I just wanted an easier way to read it for debugging purposes.

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