ufp-make cli batch execution
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$ cnpm install ufp-make 
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UFP Make

Cli Batch execution, inspired by gitlab-ci.yml but for workstations and non-gitlab environments


Build tools are around since ages, recent years included grunt and gulp which then where abandoned in favour of npm build script management. In continous integration environments there is more to do than just execute a single command. generally there is a bunch of commands that needs to be executed

inspired by the gitlab-ci.yml format the ufp-make strips of the docker-image configuration and is just a collection of shell commands (defined in package.json )


install global using

npm install ufp-make -g


    key: value
    pre: [array of targets or tasks]
    post: [array of targets or tasks]
    [targetName]: [Array of targets or tasks]
    [taskName]: [Array of Commands]

the command structure inside the [taskName] definition is as follows:

a command can either be:

command: a single cli command

or a collection of commands

    cwd: [current working directory state machine, will not be reseted after command]
    name: theCommandName
    description: theCommandDescription outputed on loglevel INFO
    commands: [array of commands]


const ufpApi = require('ufp-api')

the api offers 2 methods:




> ufp-make --help

  default     build target default
  develop     build target develop
  production  build target production
  lint        execute task lint
  test        execute task test
  build       execute task build
} parsed from local ufp-make.yml

  --help              Show help                                        [boolean]
  --version           Show version number                              [boolean]
  --FORCE             allow fail of single steps      [boolean] [default: false]
  --CLEAN             rimraf build folders before start
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]
  --UFP_VERSION, -v   project specific version,
                      provided as UFP_VERSION environment variable
                                                [default: "ufp-version-default"]
  --UFP_API_TYPE, -a  api type,
                      provided as UFP_API_TYPE environment variable
                                     [choices: "live", "mock"] [default: "live"]
  --UFP_NODE_ENV, -n  node environment value,
                      provided as NODE_ENV environment variable
          [choices: "production", "development", "test"] [default: "production"]
  --UFP_THEME, -t     theming ,
                      provided as UFP_THEME environment variable
                                                            [default: "default"]
  --LOG_LEVEL, -l     Log Level following log4j, higher levels include lower
  [choices: "ERROR", "WARN", "INFO", "DEBUG", "TRACE", "ALL"] [default: "ERROR"]
  --CONFIG, -c        Configuration file              [default: "ufp-make.json"]

Known Limitation of v0.1.x

the auto build of dependant tasks is not implemented

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