The üWave core library.
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Core library for üWave, the collaborative listening platform.

Getting Started - API - Building - License

Note: üWave is still under development. Particularly the u-wave-core and u-wave-api-v1 modules will change a lot before the "official" 1.0.0 release. Make sure to always upgrade both of them at the same time.

Getting Started

üWave consists of three parts: the core library, the HTTP API, and the web client.

See the example/ directory for a usage example.


API documentation is very incomplete and might change a lot before 1.0.0. Take care!

uw = uwave(options={})

Create and start a üWave server.


  • mongo - A MongoDB URL or Mongoose connection instance.
  • redis - A Redis URL or IORedis instance.

uw.source(sourceType, sourcePlugin, options={})

Add a media source plugin. Source plugins can be used to search and import media from remote sources like YouTube or SoundCloud. Existing source plugins can be found on npm with the u-wave-source keyword.


  • sourceType - Source type name as a string. Used to signal where a given media item originated from.
  • sourcePlugin - Source plugin or plugin factory. Receives two parameters: The uw üWave Core instance, and the plugin options.
  • options - Options to pass to the source plugin. Only used if a source plugin factory was passed to sourcePlugin.

uw.stop(): Promise

Stops the üWave server.



The build step compiles the futuristic JavaScript that's used in this repository to code that can be used in engines today, using Babel. To compile the code, run:

npm run build

That's inconvenient if it has to be done manually each time you make a change. Instead, there's the watch command that will automatically recompile files:

npm run watch



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