Specify the Typedoc Module of a file using a regular expression on the filename
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$ cnpm install typedoc-plugin-external-module-map 
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A plugin for Typedoc

When trying to unify documentation for multiple modules residing inside a shared source repository, the default way Typedoc assignes top-level module names might not satisfy.

This plugin allows you to specify a regular expression with a capture group. This is then used to collect related items into one module.

This plugin is inspired by, and based on, https://github.com/christopherthielen/typedoc-plugin-external-module-name , but does not require you to add additional annotations to each .ts file in your project.

Suppose you have


Typedoc will create four "External Modules", named for each .ts file.

  • "@mycompany/thing1/index"
  • "@mycompany/thing1/src/otherfiles"
  • "@mycompany/thing2/index"
  • "@mycompany/thing1/src/otherfiles"

This plugin allows each file to specify the Typedoc External Module its code should belong to. If multiple files belong to the same module, they are merged.

This allows more control over the modules that Typedoc generates. Instead of the four modules above, we could group them into two:

  • thing1
  • thing2


Typedoc 0.4 has the ability to discover and load typedoc plugins found in node_modules. Simply install the plugin and run typedoc.

npm install --save typedoc-plugin-external-module-map


This plugin adds a new input option

--external-modulemap  ".*\/modules\/@mycompany\/([\\w\\-_]+)\/"

If you specify it from the command line, be sure to escape the input string so bash doesn't expand it.

It is probably easier to create a typedoc options file (typedoc.json) and add it there:

  "name": "My Library",
  "mode": "modules",
  "out": "doc",
  "theme": "default",
  "ignoreCompilerErrors": "false",
  "preserveConstEnums": "true",
  "exclude": "*.spec.ts",
  "external-modulemap": ".*\/modules\/@mycompany\/([\\w\\-_]+)\/",
  "stripInternal": "false"

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