Incremental TypeScript compiler for the terminal

TypeScript now has full support for file watching.
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$ cnpm install tsw 
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TypeScript Watcher

Incremental TypeScript compiler for the terminal

tsw is just like tsc --watch except that it has incremental build support: it only compiles those files that have changed. Errors are categorized and pretty-printed to stdout.

$ tsw


Just as tsc, tsw will read your tsconfig.json by default if present. Additional options can be passed as CLI args. See the TypeScript handbook for a full overview.

Additional options:

  • no-color: do not colorize output.
  • working-dir: change the directory from which to execute the command.
  • no-tsconfig: do not load the tsconfig.json-file.


This project was made in my spare time. Though in no way necessary, you can always buy me a beer as a way to say thank you.


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