Generating documentation for TypeScript code
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Generates documentation from TypeScript files.

Get started

npm install ts-docs-gen -g

CLI usage

ts-docs-gen -h


Without config

If you want to use ts-docs-gen without config file, entryFile flag is required.

ts-docs-gen --entryFile ./src/index.ts

Multiple entry files:

ts-docs-gen --entryFile ./src/index.ts --entryFile ./src/internal.ts
# Or
ts-docs-gen --entryFile ./src/index.ts ./src/internal.ts

With config

ts-docs-gen --config ./docs-gen.json


JSON config properties and CLI flags.

Property CLI Flag Required Type Default Description
--config optional string Relative path to config json file.
entryFile --entryFile required string[] TypeScript project entry files.
project --project, -p optional string cwd Full path to TypeScript project directory.
output --output, -o optional string ./docs/api/ Documentation output directory.
plugin --plugin optional string[] Package name or path to plugin.
exclude --exclude optional string[] File locations that should not be included generated documentation.
externalPackage --externalPackage optional string[] External package names to include in extracted data.
excludePrivateApi --excludePrivateApi optional boolean true Excludes api items that has access modifier set to "private" or JSDoc tag "@private".
verbosity --verbosity optional "None", "Critical", "Error", "Warning", "Information", "Debug", "Trace" "Information" Verbosity of output.
dryRun --dryRun optional boolean Generates markdown files but not writes them. Outputs generated data in Debug log level.

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