Configuration and scripts for Create React App, forked at version 2.1.8 of CRA
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Custom React Scripts

This package allows you to create a bootastrapped React project. It is forked from Create React App with a few important additions.

You can find the original docs here:


Our changes are independently versioned. This allows us to track our changes and the main CRA project.

We will pull in CRA changes on a regular basis. The keep breaking changes to a minimum.


  • added default dependencies (see default dependencies section)
  • added pre-push config
  • added new folder structure
  • added example of components and test structure
  • added example of Ducks Redux format
  • added react router and example
  • added GlobalErrorBoundary component
  • added setupTests.js to enable enzyme
  • added semistandard formatter
  • added .env files
  • added .npmrc file to save-exact

New Project via the CLI

npx create-react-app <projectName> --use-npm --scripts-version <custom-react-scripts>

Additional Default packages

CRA comes bundled with lots of it's own default dependencies. You can see them in the *-react-scripts npm package.

We add a few more to try and unify the way we done things. A rational for each is below.

  • apisauce - Built ontop of axios, it is included to standardise any HTTP calls. Eventually there will be a standard API connector built from this, so any microservice calls written should be modular and exportable.
  • js-cookie - a nice way to handle cookies
  • react-router-dom - DOM binding for react-router
  • react-redux - React state management
  • redux - State management used in react-redux
  • redux-thunk - Side effects library for Redux
  • enzyme - Support for better Jest testing
  • enzyme-adapter-react-16 - React 16 bindings for Enzyme
  • enzyme-to-json - Better snapshot testing with Enzyme

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