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In this workshop, you will learn the basics of koa, Express' spiritual successor.


Preparations for this training

In order to prepare to this training you should/must do the following List of readings and exercises. If you have questions, please open an issue and we will be glad to answer, you might be helping other participants too.

You should also view this presentation:

This workshop assumes you've had experience with:

  • node.js
  • Express, Restify, or any similar node.js frameworks
  • Asynchronous programming - callbacks or promises


Install node 0.11.13+. Using nvm, you can install it like this:

nvm install 0.11.13
nvm use 0.11.13

You can also install it directly from Or using various other node version managers such as n. If you're having trouble with this, just install it directly from

Then you must install this workshop. You can either fork this workshop (recommended) or clone it:

git clone git://
cd workshop

Then install all the dependencies:

npm install
npm install -g mocha

Go through each training, which are stored in folders, in numerical older. Read the README file, edit the index.js files, then run each test by executing the following:

mocha --harmony-generators test.js

If you get an error message like SyntaxError: Unexpected token *, this means you didn't run the the process with --harmony-generators.

Learning more than just Koa

Although writing tests is not part of this workshop, you should still learn how they work. An important part of creating apps is creating the tests for it. Inspect the test.js files and see how supertest and mocha are used, both of which are used in Koa, Express, and many other of TJ's work. You will also see what is expected from your sample apps by reading the tests.

After you finish each training, you may want to git commit so you have a history of what you've done:

git commit -a -m "i finished training 1!"

Many small commits is good practice!


The first 20-30 minutes of the workshop will be a presentation on followed by a short period of high level question and answers on Koa. After which, the hands-on workshop will begin. Any technical questions asked from the point on will be shown to the entire workshop.

28 jun - 14:30h Participants

27 jun - 17:30h Participants

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