A CLI for Texterify (https://github.com/chrztoph/texterify).
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$ cnpm install texterify 
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Texterify CLI

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Official CLI to interact with Texterify.

This extension allows you to add keys and download your translations without leaving your terminal.

For more information about Texterify visit https://github.com/chrztoph/texterify.


yarn global add texterify


npm install -g texterify


The texterify utility can be configured by placing a .texterify.json in your home folder and a texterify.json file in your project folder (note the difference of the . at the beginning of the filenames).

Global Config

The authentication against the Texterify server is configured in the global ~/.texterify.json configuration file. Make sure to always keep the global config file private.

Example ~/.texterify.json

    "auth_email": "email@example.com",
    "auth_secret": "aG2DzuoWG30a3IHwOKMQUg"
Option Description Optional
auth_email The email you use to log in on Texterify. No
auth_secret An access token you can generate at https://texterify.com/dashboard/settings/access-tokens. No

Project Config

It is recommended that you put the project config texterify.json in the root directory of your project (otherwise you need to set project_path).

No sensitive data should be stored in your project config so you can safely check this file in with your code and share it with others.

Example texterify.json

    "api_base_url": "https://texterify.com/api",
    "api_version": "v1",
    "project_id": "b53faf34-934a-491b-84aa-d880f3c2bce8",
    "export_configuration_id": "9bd1edfc-9d43-449d-9e51-7990630baf74",
    "export_directory": "translations",
    "project_path": ""
Option Description Optional
api_base_url The path where the API is located usually ending in /api. No
api_version The version of the API (for now only v1 is available). No
project_id The project you want to manage. The project ID can be found on the project overview site or in the URL of the project sites. No
export_configuration_id The ID of the export configuration. No
export_directory The directory where your translations will be exported to. No
project_path The path to your project. This can also be configured with --project-path on the command line. Yes


If you have successfully configured your project you can try to do texterify <command> in the directory where you placed your project config. To get a list of all commands your current version supports try texterify -h.


Use the ./bin/run command to build and run the program.



This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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