Generates beautiful reports from SF test runs
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$ cnpm install testdx 
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Generates beautiful reports from SF test runs


$ sfdx plugins:install testdx
$ sfdx testdx:COMMAND
running command...
  $ sfdx testdx:COMMAND
  • testdx:apex:run - generates an HTML report from Apex test run
  $ sfdx testdx:apex:run [-n <array> | -s <array> | -t <array>] [-d <directory>] [-l 
  RunLocalTests|RunAllTestsInOrg|RunSpecifiedTests] [-w <minutes>] [-y] [-r human|tap|junit|json] [-u <string>] 
  [--apiversion <string>] [--verbose] [--json] [--loglevel 

  -d, --outputdir=outputdir                                                         directory to store test run files
  -l, --testlevel=(RunLocalTests|RunAllTestsInOrg|RunSpecifiedTests)                testlevel enum value

  -n, --classnames=classnames                                                       comma-separated list of Apex test
                                                                                    class names to run

  -r, --resultformat=(human|tap|junit|json|html)                                    result format emitted to stdout;
                                                                                    --json flag overrides this parameter

  -s, --suitenames=suitenames                                                       comma-separated list of Apex test
                                                                                    suite names to run

  -t, --tests=tests                                                                 comma-separated list of Apex test
                                                                                    class names or IDs and, if
                                                                                    applicable, test methods to run

  -x, --exclude=tests                                                               comma-separated list of Apex test
                                                                                    class names to exclude from the run

  -u, --targetusername=targetusername                                               username or alias for the target
                                                                                    org; overrides default target org

  -w, --wait=wait                                                                   the streaming client socket timeout
                                                                                    (in minutes)

  -y, --synchronous                                                                 run tests from a single class

  --apiversion=apiversion                                                           override the api version used for
                                                                                    api requests made by this command

  --json                                                                            format output as json

  --html                                                                            generate html report IN ADDITION to
                                                                                    whatever specified as resultformat

  --loglevel=(trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal|TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL)  [default: warn] logging level for
                                                                                    this command invocation

  --verbose                                                                         display Apex test processing details

  To run specific test classes, specify class names or suite names, or set a --testlevel value.

  To run specific test methods, use --tests.

  Generates html report.

  $ sfdx testdx:apex:run -n MyClassTest,MyOtherClassTest
  $ sfdx testdx:apex:run -s MySuite,MyOtherSuite
  $ sfdx testdx:apex:run -t 
  $ sfdx testdx:apex:run -l RunLocalTests -u me@my.org

See code: src/commands/testdx/force/apex/run.ts

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