Static analyser of TestCafe test code.
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$ cnpm install testcafe-static-analyser 
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TestCafe Static Analyser (beta)

A tool that analyses the source code of your TestCafe tests and generates a nice and searchable html report from it.

This tool allows you to show fixtures and tests in a Gherkin-like format, even if you do not use gherkin at all.

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To install TestCafe Static Analyser

  • run the command npm install --save-dev testcafe-static-analyser.

To start TestCafe Static Analyser

  • insert the following script in the package.json file:
"testcafe-static-analyser": "testcafe-static-analyser"
  • run the command npm run testcafe-static-analyser
    • this will create the testcafe-static-analyser.json file
    • in this file, modify the sourceFiles section
    • re-run the command

To configure TestCafe Static Analyser

How it works

  • Every fixture is automatically tagged by analysing its folder hierarchy, its filename, its description and the .meta declarations;
  • Every test is automatically tagged by analysing its description and the .meta declarations
  • Every step that may be present in a test is also automatically tagged by analysing its description;
  • every tag generated at the step and the test levels is bubbled up to the fixture tags;
  • The html report enables you to search/filter fixtures by tag.

How it looks

  • Fixtures are reported as Features and tests as Scenarios

report Fixture details Fixture details Fixture details


TestCafe repo

  • running testcafe-static-analyser on the TestCafe repo itself will produce the following report (the report has been filtered with the word editable):

Filtered fixtures

  • clicking on the GH-711 will produce the details of the selected fixture:

Fixture details

generating a gherkin like report

  • the following code:
test("Scenario: scenario example", async () => {
  // Only on devci
  code omitted for brevity

  // Given I signed in the App
  code omitted for brevity

  // When I enter my name
  code omitted for brevity

  // And I enter my email
  code omitted for brevity

  // Then I can send my feedback to TestCafe team
  code omitted for brevity

will produce the following report: Fixture details

The vision

  • Be able to have an high overview of all existing e2e TestCafe tests;
  • Be able to dynamically tag at any level
  • Be able to find all tests associated to a specific tag;
  • Be able to merge the result of tests executions (need to write a custom testcafe reporter for this purpose);
  • Be extensible to enable any third-party to add custom parsers and tags (without cloning the project);
  • Be extensible to make the html report customizable (without cloning the project).

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