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$ cnpm install testarmada-magellan-browserstack-executor 
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Executor for Magellan to run Nightwatchjs tests in Browserstack environment.

PLEASE NOTE: Executor is only supported by magellan version 10.0.0 or higher.

What does this executor do

  1. It manages Browserstack Local if you test needs it
  2. It talks Pancake so that the desiredCapabilities shrinks down to a string, which makes your browser selection an easy work
  3. It runs nightwatch test by forking it as magellan child process

How To Use

Please follow the steps

  1. npm install testarmada-magellan-browserstack-executor --save
  2. Add following env variables to your bash system
  1. Add following block to your magellan.json (if there isn't a magellan.json please create one under your folder root)
"executors": [
  1. ./node_modules/.bin/magellan --help to see if you can see the following content printed out
 Executor-specific (testarmada-magellan-browserstack-executor)
  --bs_browser=browsername             Run tests in chrome, firefox, etc (default: phantomjs).
  --bs_browsers=b1,b2,..               Run multiple browsers in parallel.
  --bs_list_browsers                   List the available browsers configured (Something else integrated).
  --bs_create_tunnel                   Create secure tunnel in browserstack local mode.
  --bs_tunnel_id=testtunnel123123      Use an existing secure tunnel (exclusive with --bs_create_tunnel).
  --bs_enable_more_logs                Enable visual and network logs.
  --bs_app=bs://<hashed app-id>        App id generated by browserstack when app has been uploaded to browserstack.

Congratulations, you're all set.

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