Copy test-fixtures to temp dir and get resolved file paths.
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$ cnpm install test-fixture 
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Copy test fixtures to a temp dir and get resolved file paths.


I am tired of writing these:

path.resolve(__dirname, 'test', 'fixtures')
fse.copy(fixtures, dir)
path.join(fixtures, 'some-file.js')


So, I got this.


$ npm i test-fixture -D


// By default, it will use 'test/fixtures' dir.
const {copy, resolve} = require('test-fixture')()

// copy 'test/fixtures' to the temp dir
;(async () => {
  await copy()
  // '/<temp-dir>/foo.js'

fixtures(...paths): {resolve, copy, install, root}

  • paths Array<path> to define the root paths of the fixtures, which is similar as

Defines the root of the fixture

const path = require('path')
const fixturesRoot = path.resolve(projectRoot, 'test', 'fixtures')

path.resolve(fixturesRoot, ...paths)
...paths base(dir of test fixtures)
undefined test/fixtures
'a' test/fixtures/a
'a', 'b' test/fixtures/a/b
'/path/to' (absolute) /path/to
'/path/to' (absolute), 'a' /path/to/a

Actually, the base is path.resolve('text/fixtures', ...paths)

Without copying

const {resolve} = fixtures(p)
resolve('a.js')  // -> /path/to/<p>/a.js

Using .copy()

const {copy, resolve} = fixtures(p)

await copy('/path/to')

resolve('a.js') // -> /path/to/a.js

await copy(options?)

await copy(to?)

  • options? Object
    • to? path= the destination folder where the test fixtures will be copied to. If not specified, a temporary directory will be used.
    • clean? boolean=false whether should clean the directory to if options.to is specified.
    • install? boolean=false whether should run npm install after copying

Copy the test fixtures into another directory.


// is equivalent to
  to: '/path/to',
  install: false


Resolves the paths to get the path of the test fixtures

After .copy()ed, it will resolve paths based on the destination dir.

If not, it will use the base dir. But never use both of them simultaneously.

             |-- a.js
           |-- a.js

await install(options?)

Install packages in the working directory. If run after await copy(), then it will install packages in the directory which fixtures copied to.

getter: root string

The fixture root /<project-root>/test/fixtures



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