A boilerplate repo for publishing typescript packages to npm
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A boilerplate repo for publishing typescript packages to npm


Some notes on how to use this repo. Some day I'll hopefully automate the biggest part of this.

Clone the repo or generate your repo:

npx degit https://github.com/beeman/template-typescript-package my-new-package

Initialize the new project

cd my-new-package
yarn # to install the deps
git init # to initialize a new Git repo
# Manually create a remote repo and follow the instructions OR:
hub create # Use this amazing tool called 'hub': https://github.com/github/hub

Update meta data:

Update the following fields in package.json:

  • name
  • description
  • repository
  • keywords
  • author
  • license
  • bugs
  • homepage

Make sure to don't change the version property, versioning this package is handled by semantic-release!


Basically you want to search/replace the repo and package name to match your repo/package name and add any new info.

Getting the GitHub and NPM tokens


  • Log in to GitHub.
  • Navigate to https://github.com/settings/tokens.
  • Click Generate new token.
  • Fill in the note field so you remember what the token is for.
  • Select the write:packages scope. This will also enable the repo and read:packages scopes.
  • Click Generate token.
  • Copy the code and store it to use in the next step.


  • Log in to NPM.
  • Click the Tokens link from the top-right menu.
  • Click Create New Token
  • Select Read and Publish then click Create Token.
  • Copy the code and store it to use in the next step.

Setting the GitHub and NPM tokens

  • Open your new repo on GitHub.
  • Navigate to Settings then Secrets.
  • Click Add a new secret.
  • Add the GH_TOKEN secret with the GitHub token.
  • Click Add a new secret again.
  • Add the NPM_TOKEN secret with the NPM token.

Your repo is now set up to publish packages to NPM and the GitHub Package Registry.

Write your code

Write your amazing new code and make sure to update the tests!

You can run yarn lint and yarn test to check if your project will pass CI.

Publish it

With a git push you will create a new version and publish it to npm.

git commit -m "feat: initial commit"
git push origin master 


Based on npm-typescript-package-boilerplate with a few changes.

MIT License

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