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$ cnpm install tdc -g
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


$ npm i omi-cli -g     # install cli
$ omi init my-app      # init project, you can also exec 'omi init' in an empty folder
$ cd my-app            # please ignore this command if you executed 'omi init' in an empty folder
$ npm start            # develop
$ npm run build        # release

npx omi-cli init my-app is also supported(npm v5.2.0+).

Directory description:

├─ config
├─ public
├─ scripts
├─ src
│  ├─ assets
│  ├─ elements    //Store all custom elements
│  ├─ store       //Store all this store of pages
│  ├─ admin.js    //Entry js of compiler,will build to admin.html
│  └─ index.js    //Entry js of compiler,will build to index.html

Project Template

Template Type Command Describe
Base Template(v3.3.0+) omi init my-app Basic omi or omio(IE8+) project template.
TypeScript Template(omi-cli v3.3.0+) omi init-ts my-app Basic template with typescript.
小程序模板(v3.3.5+) omi init-p my-app Omi 开发小程序
基础模板(v3.3.9+) omi init-o my-app 支持 IE8 的基础模板,只是 build 的时候支持 IE8,开发调试请用 IE9
Base Template with snapshoot omi init-snap my-app Basic omi or omio(IE8+) project template with snapshoot prerendering.
Mobile Template omi init-weui my-app Mobile web app template with weui and omi-router.
omi-mp Template(omi-cli v3.0.13+) omi init-mp my-app Developing web with mini program template.
MVVM Template(omi-cli v3.0.22+) omi init-mvvm my-app MVVM template.
<!-- SPA Template(omi-cli v3.0.10+) omi init-spa my-app

Switch omi, omio and reomi

Add or remove the alias config in package.json to switch omi and omio:

"alias": {
  "omi": "omio"

Using reomi:

"alias": {
  "omi": "reomi",
  "react": "reomi",
  "react-dom": "reomi"


This content is released under the MIT License.

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