Process images with Sharp
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Process images with Sharp


exports.scripts = function * (task) {
  yield task.source('images/**/*.*').sharp({

    /* Example with photos for gallery and backup of suffixed originals */
    '**/photos/*.*': [{
      rename: {suffix: '-thumb'},
      process: i => i.resize(null, 400).jpeg({ quality: 40 })
    }, {
      rename: {suffix: '-detail'}
      process: i => i.resize(1200).jpeg({ quality: 90 })
    }, {
      rename: {prefix: '-orig'}

    /* Responsive images, different directories */
    '**/responsive-images/*.*': [{
      rename: {dirname: '@1x'}
      process: i => i.resize(600,200).crop().jpeg({quality: 40})
    }, {
      rename: {dirname: '@2x'}
      process: i => i.resize(1200,400).crop().jpeg({quality: 60})
    }, {
      rename: {dirname: '@3x'}
      process: i => i.resize(1800,600).crop().jpeg({quality: 60})
    }, {
      rename: {dirname: 'full'}
      process: i => i.resize(2400,800).crop().jpeg({quality: 85})


.sharp(rules, opts)

Rules is an object of k/v pairs, where key is glob to match files: files are matched against full path, and value is an array of objects of process function and rename object/function - both are optional, but at least one must be supplied.

Options is an object, which currently has only one setting: passUnmatched, which is self explanatory and by default is true. Switch it by:

yield task.sharp(sharpConfig, {passUnmatched: false})


Process function receives one argument - sharp promise created from the taskr Buffer, and should return the same. With sharps chaining API and ES6, this allows for very simple functions:

const exampleCall = { process: src => src.resize().crop().background().embed() }

You can use full API of Sharp in your functions.

If you don't supply a process function, input buffer will just pass through unchanged (useful if you want to keep original, but renamed, for instance).

Note: files processed with Sharp have _sharp property defined as true, so if you want e.g. all files minified, you can optimise only images without it (as Sharp runs optimisations on generated files by default)


When renaming, you either supply an object with any of the following values:

const exampleRename = {
  dir: 'directory',
  prefix: 'before-base-name-',
  suffix: '-after-base-name',
  extname: '.jpeg',
  basename: 'newname'

I prefer this, since for many usecases, setting prefix/suffix is the most you'll need.

Other option is to supply a function, which receives object with dirname, extname and basename and should be modified by reference:

f = {dirname: '/path/to', basename: 'image', extname: '.jpg'}
function rename(f){
  f.basename = 'newname';


MIT © Adam Kiss

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