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$ cnpm install tape-eslint 
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Integrate eslint into your tape tests



This offers a finer alternative to adding the eslint command as a separate test step in your npm test.

  • Runs in the same node process as tape, removing maybe 500ms of startup time.
  • Painlessly integrate eslint into your travisci.org tests.
  • You can get fast realtime linting feedback with tape-watch.

(Your speed gains may be a bit different from my Pentium II, of course.)


Install it:

npm install --save-dev tape-eslint eslint

Then add this test file to your tape suite:

test('eslint', require('tape-eslint')())

Then create an .eslintrc in your project:

  "rules": {
    "semi": [2, "never"]



tape-eslint scans **/*.js and **/*.jsx by default. To configure what files to consume, use:

test('eslint', require('tape-eslint')({
  files: [ 'index.js', 'test/*.js' ]


Some files are ignored by default. To add more files to ignore, use:

test('eslint', require('tape-eslint')({
  ignore: [ 'app/**' ]


To specify options to pass onto eslint.CLIEngine, add them here. See eslint's source for details.

// to specify a different config file
test('eslint', require('tape-eslint')({
  eslint: {
    configFile: path.join(__dirname, 'eslintrc.json')
// to specify your eslint config inline
test('eslint', require('tape-eslint')({
  eslint: {
    baseConfig: { extends: ['standard', 'standard-react'] }


Here's an example of using standard.

npm i --save-dev tape-eslint eslint
npm i --save-dev eslint-plugin-standard eslint-config-standard
npm i --save-dev eslint-plugin-react eslint-config-standard-react
/* .eslintrc */
  "extends": ["standard", "standard-react"]
test('eslint', require('tape-eslint')())


If you use Browserify on your tests (eg: smokestack, tape-run, budo, hihat, zuul, and so on), doing require('tape-eslint')() is a noop. In practice, this means you can use tape-eslint even if your tests are powered by browserify, and your test will now work in both the browser and Node.


tape-eslint © 2016+, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from contributors (list).

ricostacruz.com  ·  GitHub @rstacruz  ·  Twitter @rstacruz

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