Generate markdown tables from JSON data at the command line.
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Generate markdown tables from JSON data at the command line.

Parse JSON input data into a markdown table from the command line, powered by the tablemark module.


This utility supports:


yarn global add tablemark-cli


Usage: tablemark <input-file> > <output-file> [options]


  help  Display help


  -a, --align <list>    List of alignment types, applied in order to columns. (defaults to [])
  -c, --columns <list>  List of column names, defaults to object keys. (defaults to [])
  -h, --help            Output usage information
  -v, --version         Output the version number

To use the align and column options, you can use the -a or -c flags multiple times, like this:

tablemark input.json > -a left -a center

... which will align the first two columns left and center respectively.


tablemark < input.json >


NDJSON is a form of JSON that delimits multiple JSON objects by newlines:

{"name":"trilogy","repo":"[citycide/trilogy](","desc":"No-hassle SQLite with type-casting schema models and support for native & pure JS backends."}
{"name":"strat","repo":"[citycide/strat](","desc":"Functional-ish JavaScript string formatting, with inspirations from Python."}
{"name":"tablemark-cli","repo":"[citycide/tablemark-cli](","desc":"Generate markdown tables from JSON data at the command line."}

This input from a file or stdin is supported just as if it were a JSON compatible array:

tablemark input.ndjson >

see also

  • tablemark – the module used by this utility


Search the issues if you come across any trouble, open a new one if it hasn't been posted, or, if you're able, open a pull request. Contributions of any kind are welcome in this project.

The following people have already contributed their time and effort:

Thank you!


MIT © Bo Lingen / citycide

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