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@t1st3's dotfiles


This is one part of my setup. As this is not the first step of the setup, refer first to the setup steps before managing dotfiles.

See more about @t1st3-core repositories.


This project is a personal opinionated curated collection of dotfiles, adapted for my usage.

This project curates dotfiles from other projects, mostly the following ones:

Other relevant resources:

While there are many other great, comprehensive and well-documented projects about dotfiles, most of them deal in priority with macOS configuration, and GNU/Linux configuration is often considered as an aside. Not to mention that, when present, GNU/Linux configuration is often Debian/Ubuntu centric. And many of them are focused on zsh, I use bash rather than zsh.

I use many variants of GNU/Linux (mostly Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint / Ubuntu), and sometimes Windows 10 and macOS. On GNU/Linux, I mostly use KDE or Mate as desktop environments.

Working with this diversity of systems and desktops make this dotfiles repository rather different than the others, as these dotfiles are geared towards various GNU/Linux environments with bash, plus macOS and Windows as bonuses.


  • Prompts to ask for support of optional features, such as Git, Node.js and npm (...)
  • Configuration for curl and wget
  • Code editor configuration with .editorconfig
  • Bash aliases, Bash exports and Bash functions to separate files
  • local binaries in ~/.local/bin
  • SSH server-name auto-completion based on known_hosts

Optional features

#### Git-related

  • custom aliases, exports and functions for Git
  • usage of oh-my-git
  • custom commit message for Git
  • full-fledged global .gitignore
  • command auto-completion for git aliases


  • custom Bash aliases and Bash exports Node.js and npmjs
  • npm global modules in a custom directory, without sudo
  • integration of npmrc

Others optional features

  • custom Bash aliases for cordova commands
  • custom Bash exports for Android/Java
  • custom Bash aliases for PHP/Composer



First, clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/t1st3-core/dotfiles.git

Then, browse to the freshly-cloned repository

cd dotfiles

Build step

Finally, build the project


with the following options:

--git                   configure for Git | default: false
--gituser               Git username (used only if also --git) | default: 't1st3'
--gitmail               Git user mail (used only if also --git) | default: 'contact@tiste.org'
--nodejs                configure for Node.js and npm | default: false
--npmuser               npm username (used only if also --nodejs) | default: 't1st3'
--npmmail               npm user mail (used only if also --nodejs) | default: 'contact@tiste.org'
--android               configure for Android/Java | default: false
--cordova               configure for Cordova (only if also --nodejs) | default: false
--php                   configure for PHP/Composer | default: false
--output                output directory | default: './dist'

From the dist folder, copy the dotfiles to your ~/ directory, and enable the changes:

source ~/.bashrc


MIT © t1st3

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