A simple node.js wrapper around a java/jconnect app that provides easy access to Sybase Databases without having to install odbc or freetds. This forked version of node-sybase contains few fixes by Liam Ray. See readme file.
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$ cnpm install sybase-plus 
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Fixes and improvements in node-sybase-plus

  • removed a [df.setTimeZone(TimeZone.getTimeZone("UTC"));] from the [] class ( it brings wrong results when you don't need a Universal Time Zone )
  • added columns parameter in a query callback function. The reason is JSON result doesn't keep right columns order. Example:
    db.query("select * ...", function (err, data, columns) {...
  • added a query2Csv(query, callback, csvOpts) function which produces a CSV output.
    The callback function also brings a regular jsonData: callback(err, csvData, columns, jsonData) {...
    Optional csvOpts are described in json2csv package ( the fields parameter in the csvOps is provided automatically by the framework if not specified )


A simple node.js wrapper around a Java application that provides easy access to Sybase databases via jconn3. The main goal is to allow easy installation without the requirements of installing and configuring odbc or freetds. You do however have to have java 1.5 or newer installed.


  • java 1.5+



git clone git://
cd node-sybase
node-gyp configure build


npm install sybase

quick example

var Sybase = require('sybase'),
	db = new Sybase('host', port, 'dbName', 'username', 'pw');

db.connect(function (err) {
  if (err) return console.log(err);
  db.query('select * from user where user_id = 42', function (err, data) {
    if (err) console.log(err);




The api is super simple. It makes use of standard node callbacks so that it can be easily used with promises. The only thing not covered in the example above is the option to print some timing stats to the console as well as to specify the location of the Java application bridge, which shouldn't need to change.

var logTiming = true,
	javaJarPath = './JavaSybaseLink/dist/JavaSybaseLink.jar',
	db = new Sybase('host', port, 'dbName', 'username', 'pw', logTiming, javaJarPath);

The java Bridge now optionally looks for a "" file in which you can configure jconnect properties to be included in the connection. This should allow setting properties like:


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