Simple Semver and SemverRange classes
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$ cnpm install sver-compat 
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Fork of @guybedford's Sver library. Adds compatibility for node <6.

npm install sver-compat
var Semver = require('sver-compat').Semver;
var SemverRange = require('sver-compat').SemverRange;

// Static usage:
SemverRange.match('^1.2.3', '1.2.4'); // true

// Class usage:
var range = new SemverRange('^1.2.3');
var version = new Semver('1.2.4');
version.matches(range);               // true
range.has(version);                   // true

Range support

Restricts version ranges to the simplified cases:

  • *: Wildcard range
  • MAJOR: Match exact major
  • MAJOR.MINOR Match exact major and minor
  • MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH[-PRE] Match exact semver
  • ~MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH[-PRE]: Match patch bumps
  • ^MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH[-PRE]: Match minor and patch bumps

Invalid ranges will fallback to being detected as exact string matches.

Prerelease Matching

By default, as per convention, ranges like ^1.2.3-alpha only match prerelease ranges on the same patch (1.2.3-alpha.4), but not prerelease ranges from further patches (1.3.4-alpha).

To alter this matching, a third boolean argument can be provided to the match function to support these unstable matches:

SemverRange.match('^1.2.3', '1.5.6-beta');       // false
SemverRange.match('^1.2.3', '1.5.6-beta', true); // true

Best Version Match

var versions = ['1.2.3', '1.3.4-alpha', '1.3.4-alpha.1', '1.3.4-beta'];
var range = new SemverRange('*');

var bestStableMatch = range.bestMatch(versions);
bestStableMatch.toString();                     // 1.2.3

var bestUnstableMatch = range.bestMatch(versions, true);
bestUnstableMatch.toString();                   // 1.3.4-beta

Version and Range Sorting

var versions = ['2.4.5', '2.3.4-alpha', '1.2.3', '2.3.4-alpha.2'];
var ranges = ['^1.2.3', '1.2', '2.3.4'];

versions.sort(;   // [1.2.3, 2.3.4-alpha, 2.3.4-alpha.2, 2.4.5]
ranges.sort( // [1.2, ^1.2.3, 2.3.4]

Conversion from Node Semver Ranges

A utility function is included to convert Node Semver ranges into Semver ranges.

This requires semver to be installed in the application running this process.

Note this conversion is lossy by definition.

var convertRange = require('sver-compat/convert-range');

convertRange('>=2.3.4 <3.0.0').toString(); // ^2.3.4
convertRange('1 || 2 || 3').toString();    // ^3.0.0

Semver and Semver Range Validation

When a version string fails semver validation it falls back to being treated as a tag, still as a Semver instance.

For example:

var version = new Semver('x.y.z');
version.tag === 'x.y.z';             // true

version = new Semver('^1.2.3');
version.major === undefined;         // true
version.tag === '^1.2.3';            // true

For validation, rather use Semver.isValid and SemverRange.isValid:

Semver.isValid('x.y.z');             // false
Semver.isValid('^1.2.3');            // false
SemverRange.isValid('^1.2.3');       // true



Static methods:

  • Semver.isValid(version: string): boolean: Whether the given string is a valid semver.
  • Semver|string, v2: Semver|string): number: 1 if v1 > v2, -1 if v1 < v2, 0 if equal.

For a given Semver instance version = new Semver('X.Y.Z'),

  • version.major: The major version number.
  • version.minor: The minor version number.
  • version.patch: The patch version number.
  • version.pre: The prerelease identifer, as an array of strings (.-separated).
  • The build identifier, as a string.
  • version.tag: If not a valid semver, the full tag string.
  • Semver|string): bool: Whether this version is greater than the other version.
  • Semver|string): bool: Whether this version is less than the other version.
  • version.eq(otherVerion: Semver|string): bool: Whether this version equals the other version.
  • version.matches(range: SemverRange|string, unstable?: bool): bool: Whether this version matches the given version range.
  • version.toString(): string: Convert the version back to a string.


Static methods:

  • SemverRange.match(range: SemverRange|string, version: Semver|string, unstable = false): bool: Whether the version matches the range.
  • SemverRange.isValid(range: string): bool: Whether the given range string is a valid semver range (in this simplified grammar).
  • SemverRange|string, r2: SemverRange|string): number: 1 if r1 > r2, -1 if r1 < r2, 0 if equal.

For a given SemverRange instance range = new SemverRange('^X.Y.Z'),

  • range.type: string: Returns 'wildcard', 'major', 'stable' or 'exact'.
  • range.version: Smever: Returns the Semver instance corresponding to the range.
  • range.isExact: string: Returns true if the range is an exact version only.
  • range.isStable: string: Returns true if the range is a stable version range.
  • range.isMajor: string: Returns true if the range is a major version range.
  • range.isWildcard: string: Returns true if the range is the wildcard version range.
  • SemverRange|string): bool: Whether the range is greater than the other range.
  • SemverRange|string): bool: Whether the range is less than the other range.
  • range.eq(otherRange: SemverRange|string): bool: Whether the range is exactly the same as the other range.
  • range.has(version: Semver|string, unstable = false): bool: Whether the range includes the given version.
  • range.contains(otherRange: SemverRange|string): bool: Whether the range fully contains the other range.
  • range.intersect(otherRange: SemverRange|string): SemverRange|undefined: The intersection range, if any.
  • range.bestMatch(versions: (Semver|string)[], unstable = false): Semver|undefined: The intersection range, if any.
  • range.toString(): Convert the range back to a string.



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