Test suite for svelte HMR
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$ cnpm install svelte-hmr-spec 
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Svelte HMR Spec

Test suite for Svelte 3 HMR.

The whole project is only the tests. And a cool cli to run them on various targets.


git clone
cd svelte-hmr-spec
npm install
npm install --global .
cd app
npm install


Quick start:

svhs --default # run tests on default (bundled) app

svhs --help # learn more

See inline help for an up to date description of available cli options:

svhs --help

To run the tests on the default app (which should be last versions of svelte-loader, svelte, everything...):

svhs --default

To run the tests on a custom target (for example to test a svelte-loader during development):

svhs ./path-to-your-app --watch

Test Apps

The tests expect a basic svelte + webpack application with HMR enabled. They also expect the app to contain a src/App.svelte file, and a src/main.js file that bootstraps this App component on the document's body.

This is actually the default structure of the webpack template app with some customization to allow for programmatic control of the webpack instance. In particular, the webpack dev server's config must be located in the webpack.config.js file (the contentBase option specifically).

Look at the provided default app for a precise reference of what is expected. My HMR demo app should also be kept in sync to be usable as a test target (so you can start from that if you want to create a custom test target app).

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